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All packages require a one-time Installation fee of $199.00.

*Up to speeds listed.  Please refer to Freedom Broadband’s Acceptable Use Policy and Terms and Conditions, available at  Speeds higher than 10 Mbps down/5 Mbps available in select areas.


You bought or built your dream home.  You finally left that small town house or starter home to stretch out on 3.5 acres on a wooded lot.  You're surrounded by panoramic views of farmland and wooded lots.  

Then it hits you - What are my options for Internet?  

Maybe you tried Satellite or 4G/LTE plans and realized how quickly you can exceed the basic data plan?    

Does your mobile phone even work where you live?

At Freedom Broadband, we see this every day.  Our goal is to provide alternatives to Satellite and mobile 4G/LTE plans, offering broadband with no data caps, all for a fixed monthly rate.  ​

Did you know that high speed Internet isn't available in all downtown areas and industrial parks?

Many businesses in small town America suffer with slow DSL and T1 lines as their only options.  Freedom Broadband provides primary Internet Service to businesses of all sizes, ranging from the home-based entrepreneur, to the 4th generation family farm, to large businesses with multiple locations.  

Even where high speed fiber optic networks are available, networks can go down.  Freedom Broadband eliminates downtime by offering backup Internet service.

Freedom Broadband provides a range of business class services with service level agreements tailored to fit your needs.  In addition to broadband Internet service, Freedom Broadband can provide point-to-point wireless networks between your locations, streamlining your communications and minimizing your Internet traffic.​